2016 Leadership and Community Development Programme – Ikom Local Government Area.

The 2016 Leadership and Community Development Programme held at Ikom community included talks on the importance of education, leadership, community development, team building, self-discovery, self-esteem, time management, goal setting, values, budgeting and had several side events, games and activities.

Through these, The Bridge Leadership Foundation directly trained 150 students and 15 teachers.  Teachers present mentioned that the training was apt and will foster and build the leadership skills of the students.

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The Leadership and Community Development Programme, offers real life experiences which allows students to develop their leadership and life skills early in life, and assist them understand their role in community development, while seeing education as key in actualizing their dreams. The students were guided by the facilitators, while the teachers supervised the students training their friends in their different schools.

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  1. “The facilitators were friendly with the students and teachers. They have been good examples of leaders”. – Daniel E. (Counselor, Enoghi Secondary School, Ikom).
  2. “The students have been well equipped to become models to their peers, through the lessons which were matched with inspiring videos”. – Philip Ntun. (Counselor, Community Secondary School, Akparabong, Ikom).
  3. “The interaction between the students and facilitators is worth commendation. The sitting arrangement, fostered effective participation among the students.” – A Iyamba (Counselor, Army Day Secondary School, Ikom)
  4. “I learnt that creativity is universal and can be found in places you do not expect”. – Idadama E,(Community Secondary School, Okagha, Ikom).
  5. “Relating the Nigerian Map Game to life, community development is the responsibility of everyone – no matter the age and location”. – Gideon Samson, (Army Day Secondary School, Ikom).
  6. “Through the videos, I learnt that with determination and perseverance, I can overcome challenges in life, if I do not give up.” – Peter Idiege, (Enoghi Secondary School, Ikom).
  7. I learnt that to be successful, I must set my goals and values and work towards those goals”. – Clara Manyo, (Enoghi Secondary School, Ikom).

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