2016 Leadership and Community Development Programme. – Obubra Local Government Area.

Changing the mindset of young people and helping them build their leadership skills are at the heart of what The Bridge Leadership Foundation does. The belief that we can raise generations of transformational leaders, while ensuring that education becomes a priority, remains the driving force of the 2016 Leadership and Community Development Programme.

The Leadership and Community Development Programme held in Obubra Local Government Area, trained 147 students and 13 teachers, all who are already cascading the LCD curriculum to their peers and colleagues in their various communities. The LCD programme was introduced into rural communities to promote leadership, education and community development from the grass root.

For the teachers in Obubra Community,– they have become positive role models who are open, responsive and have been the students close examples of who leaders and community development experts should be through the clear examples they have become.

Mr. Ovat Obeten, a teacher at Community Secondary School, Adun – Obubra attest to this. He said “The Leadership and Community Development Program was all that I thought it would be and so much more! It was thorough and enlightening, intensive and supportive. I learned so much more than I imagined. Because of the Leadership and Community Development programme, I am confident that I can now take this learning experience to empower my students and other teachers”.

Similarly, the alumni facilitators have also identified areas the Leadership and Community Development Programme has equipped them and built their leadership, facilitation and life skills. Aaron Omosele, a facilitator and corps member said, “From my training session, I have gained direction and sense of confidence and improvement – an opportunity to look at my leadership style and interaction within my community. It’s been invaluable to be the shoulder people can lean on”.

Some feedback from the students

“The six (6) hours programme was intensive and a wonderful experience. I am leaving with the knowledge of becoming a transformational leader and what my responsibilities are in building a strong community”.  – Ikenga Kalu, Community Secondary Commercial School, Ofodua.

“The Nigerian board game gives me a better understanding of what we can achieve when we work together as a team”. – Egbula Evalsam, Mbembe Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogada.

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