#MyLCDstory: Aaron Omosele, Peer Educator Trainer.

I am Aaron Omosele, a peer educator trainer.

Volunteering has given me privileged access to people, places and experiences that my credentials and skills might not have given me.

I started volunteering since my university days as a member of Campus Health and Rights Initiative, where I learnt the rudiments of volunteering and have since volunteered in various capacities and with different organizations till date. Being a member and now the president of the NYSC Anti HIV/AIDS CDS group in Cross River State, has given me an opportunity to contribute my quota in providing comprehensive and accurate information to young people in secondary schools on their reproductive health and rights and they in turn as peer educators teach their peers.

This year, I have had the opportunity as a Corps member to volunteer for The Bridge Leadership Foundation (TBLF), American Corner Calabar and E-Enabled. My recent interaction with The Bridge Leadership Foundation has taken my leadership and volunteering experience to a whole new height with access to standard trainings, educational materials and local community tours. These tours have been an eye opener on my role as a positive influence to other young people and that as an individual I might not be able to change the world just yet, but I can change my immediate environment.

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