Grooming Enterprise Leaders build the capacity of young people in Employment, Entrepreneurship and Social Change with the requisite know-how needed to engage, compete and lead a meaningful future for themselves and their communities. It helps prepare young persons for their future in the world of work, equip them with the skills to start, grow and lead enterprises with the right structure, systems, innovation and people and equips change agents to lead impact initiatives with outcomes that are relevant, impact oriented and sustainable.  

Grooming Enterprise Leaders – Employability Program is a demand driven program with the goal to help young people achieve economic self-reliance, competitive job staying power, financial independence, and resilience by helping them build relevant skills, systems and access opportunities to resources. Among the skills to be learnt include self-marketing, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, negotiation, customer and people relations, and innovation.

Program Design:

  • Industry assessment and employers signup
  • Call for application and publicity
  • Employability Program (Training, job matching and placement)
  • Monitoring and support

Grooming Enterprise Leaders – Entrepreneurship Program targets the growth, scale up and impact of businesses using innovative approaches, processes, systems, tools and capacity building activities derived from the diagnosis analysis of businesses to highlight specific areas of need of support. This may include product or service support, change in business model or process, mentoring, access to resources and networking opportunities.

Program Design:

  • Call for application and publicity
  • Enterprise program (Training and Enterprise Support)
  • Post program support and monitoring

Grooming Enterprise Leaders – Social change program support young social enterprises and non-profit organizations with access to resources, linkages and capacity building opportunities relevant for scaling up their reach and impacts.

Program Design:

  • Call for application and publicity
  • Training
  • Initiative growth support
  • Monitoring and evaluation


Started from 2011 to 2016 as GET


Youths trained on employability and entrepreneurship skills for work readiness and job creation


went ahead to secure employment opportunities and start businesses

Restarted in 2019 as GEL and branched into Employability, Entrepreneurship and Social Change


Youths trained on employability and entrepreneurship skills for work readiness, job creation and social impact


Gained internship opportunities


Gained employment opportunities


Experienced growth in their social impact initiatives