In the last two decades, youths across the globe and particularly Africa have been regarded and talked about as the pillars upon which the advancement and development of the African continent depends upon. The problem however is that youths have been largely excluded from all policy making, decision making, and strategy development and implementation initiatives of government. The enabling environment which should maximize and promote existing youth creativity, potential, innovation and energy across education, health, science and technology, business, agriculture, manufacturing, processing, environment and political space is consistently lacking in varying degrees from one government to the other.

Nigeria’s population is estimated at 182 million with over 70% said to be below 30 years of age and across the country there is a growing concern of how the dividends of democracy inspired by Good Governance is increasingly becoming an unrealistic and unachievable future. Though considered to be a youthful country, the nation is still challenged with a slow economy, decaying education sector, poor health sector, severe unemployment, huge underemployment, incapacitated and unequipped institutions, insecurity and a shocking lack of value for life. This is disturbing as it should be and suggestive of certain probable situations which we are not satisfied with.

The 2018 TBLF Career Day themed “Youths, Good Governance and The Future We Want” would seek to provide a framework for how the youths can actively GET INVOLVED in the demand for good governance in a manner that ensures that the enabling environment for youth to thrive is created; government becomes more strategic in integrating youths into policy and decision matters of nation building and together create a system where all relevant partners can work towards creating THE FUTURE WE WANT.


  • Envisioning a New Future: Mind Shift and Human Capacity Development
  • Empowering youths in gainful enterprise: A tool for youth participation in good governance
  • Increasing youth participation in inclusive political and development processes

Date Saturday, July 14, 2018

Venue: Calabar International Convention Centre, CICC Summit Hills, Calabar

Time: 8am prompt








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