2021 Better Working World Data Challenge

Calling all university students and early career data scientists – get ready for the 2021 Better Working World Data Challenge.

If you ready to solve the world’s toughest problems and ask questions that have never been asked before, put your skills to the test and show us how the power of data and science can improve the way we respond to global issues.

This year’s challenge gives students and early career data scientists worldwide a chance to use their data science skills to make a real-world impact and improve bushfire management.

Wildfires are a global problem increasing in frequency and severity. Your input in this year’s challenge can help to save lives, property and wildlife by allowing fire authorities to warn the right people at the right time and use their finite resources more effectively.


June 15 2021


Any university student with an interest in data science can enter and participate. If you have less than two years of professional experience then you can also join the Challenge, but you will need to pay to use Azure.


  • Students get free access to Azure, Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology stack, as well as free Microsoft IT certifications
  • Access to tutorials and training
  • The opportunity to collaborate with others around the world
  • The chance to win up to US$10,000 in cash prizes
  • The top 30 finalists in each challenge will also win mentoring from EY


  1. The Challenge is open from 24 March until 15 June 2021 and you can join at any time.
  2. You can enter the challenge as an individual or as a team (maximum four people).
  3. You can make multiple submissions (maximum one per day) with your account before the challenge closes.

View official Website Here for Application and further information.

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