Over 200 Teachers Commit to Building Young Leaders in their Classrooms

With over 988,376 teachers in secondary schools (2016 Nigerian Education Indicators, Federal Ministry of Education), we can only hope that a reasonable percentage of these number are adequately competent and possess the character and capacity required to train the students of today into leaders of tomorrow.

Borne out of the need to have competent and equipped teachers bear the responsibility of molding and inspiring today’s students into the leaders they aspire to become tomorrow, the Teacher Support Programme (TSP) was designed to equip teachers with relevant social support skills, problem solving skills, character development skills, people development skills, community development skills and other relevant academic skills for the purpose of achieving personal growth, excellence and adequately support students’ academic, character and leadership development in school.

If Students spend an average of 30 hours of their weekly life with teachers, it means this period must account for who they eventually become tomorrow, hence, the need for teachers who have the right capacity, competence and character to impact these teenagers students positively, in their academics and teenage life.

SINCE 2017, WE HAVE TRAINED OVER 291 TEACHERS to adequately support children’s academic and life development and it is evident that we are experiencing changes as follows:

  • Teacher’s perception of students they teach is becoming positive
  • Increased teacher’s interest in understanding the personality of the students they teach
  • Increased teacher’s interest in designing and applying the right learning approach towards students that they teach
  • Increased teacher’s commitment not to allow the challenges of the education system affects their own contribution towards the student’s development.
  • Increased teacher’s commitment to use other intelligent ways as corrective measures in child discipline rather than beating them.


Read what they said…

 “I want to frankly commend The Bridge Leadership Foundation and also the trainer, Mr Rotimi Eyitayo, for his intelligence and wide understanding of the happenings in the school system. I will from this day enquire as to what causes my students to behave oddly rather than beating them.”

 Okpe Emmanuel Achu, Ukpada Community Secondary School, Obudu

I will inculcate the habit of talking to them politely, counseling them and above all, make them future leaders.

Ogar James Eba, Comprehensive High School, Ugaga

I will look my best, do my best and be my best to the students. I will teach them to watch what I do, do what I do and watch them do what I taught them to do also.

Ochu Fatima, Government Secondary School, Obudu

The training has really changed the level of my reasoning and as such, I will impart it to the students, my community and family.

Eguma Felicia, Government Secondary School, Okpoma

“The training has been very rewarding and impactful to us teachers. I wish it could be regular to enhance learning and teaching experiences in order to get the best trained individuals for a better society. I appreciate the organizers of the programme.”

Oken Justine Opue, Government Secondary School, Okpoma-Yala

“During this training I was able to learn about how to always achieve my stated objectives when there are problems due to the event, it also taught me how to give positive response.”

Obi M. E

I quite appreciate the team who actually created time out of their crowded schedule to make this meeting a success, their tolerance, experience etc. The program was brief, timely and straight to the point. It was a life changing programme.

Anyanku Anthony O.

“This training has empowered me on the clarion call as a teacher and on how to make a better society.”

Abang Raphael Ewah

“I have learnt how to respond to challenges faced by teachers in the teaching profession. The drivers of performance which are required, reward, respect and reputation.”

Akambi Michael Okwe, Trinity Secondary School Bashua

“I am highly impressed with the interface. It really boosted my total understanding in the handling of a child.”

Mr Etim A. Etim

“The importance of this workshop cannot be overemphasized. Let this type of workshop be extended to the primary and tertiary level where teaching and learning take place for enhancement of a better Nigeria”.

Ibu Patrick I, Army Day Secondary School, Ogoja

“The training has really enabled us to know where we as teachers fail. With this training, we are sure of transforming the society”.

Onabe Felix Ariah

“This training should get across all schools and communities to educate future leaders in the communities”

Obi M.E.

“This type of training will make teachers and students to be up to date on leadership development”.

Enishie Damian

“With this training I feel very equipped and infact very ready to train the students and pass this training to other teachers in my community.

Obi Dominic O



The Bridge Leadership Foundation is a non-profit leadership and capacity development Foundation established in 2011 committed to raising generations of transformational leaders.

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