UNICEF, in partnership with the University of Calabar (UNICAL) and Cross River State Action Committee on AIDS (CRSACA), put out the Adolescent Kits for Expression and Innovation Training with the sole aim of upskilling and collaborating with, Adolescent-focused organizations to implement the ADOKIT Programme in their coverage communities.

The 4-day workshop for CRS Southern Senatorial District was held from Monday to Thursday, September 12 to 15 at Treasure Land Hotel, Marian, Calabar and at the end, the various organizations were given relevant tool kits to aid better engagement with the adolescents.

TBLF as one of the collaborating partners implementing the programme at Odukpani LGA, rolled out immediately by paying a visit to the selected school, Government Secondary School, Adiabo-Tinapa and it paid off via a written confirmation of acceptance by the Principal and also, a safe space allocated for the programme activities.

TBLF Team was able to complete general orientation and enrollment of the 25-cycle member target for the programme. The first meeting with the enrolled ADOKIT Champions was also held on the 28th of September, 2022 with other students pressing to be part of the programme. The first cycle meeting was super exciting as the students chose their name to be “One-Mind Champions”, and chose a cycle Leader (Ayi Ase Ayi in SSS 3), as well as days and time of the meeting. Each champion was finally guided to pen down one most troubling community problems affecting adolescents and young people within their community. Among the many challenges identified, here is just a highlight:

* Molestation and harassment of girls by men and boys

* Stealing of community equipment and people’s properties

* Illiteracy due to just one school in the community

* Lack of good roads, etc

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