Emerging Political Leaders Fellowship – October 2023

“As a Fellow of the Emerging Political Leaders Fellowship 2023, I have had the incredible opportunity to be a part of an initiative that has truly changed the trajectory of my career and personal growth. This fellowship, initiated by The Bridge Leadership Foundation, was a transformative experience that provided me with invaluable experiences, learnings, and networks that I will cherish for a lifetime. One of the most rewarding aspects of the fellowship is the opportunity to work on a real-world civic project”

Ruth Sunday Ki, Fellow, EPLF 2023 Cohort.

One outstanding aspect of the fellowship is the opportunity it provides the fellows to fully express themselves during the virtual sessions and beyond. The month began with the continuation of the Fellows Green Circle Conversation, a pivotal element of their Civic Engagement initiatives.

Another noteworthy dimension of the fellowship is the Fellows’ Civic Engagement Activity, providing them with a valuable opportunity to apply the core principles learnt throughout the fellowship. It serves as a pivotal platform for fostering discussions that inspire civic involvement within the nation. In the recent Green Circle Conversation held in October, our fellows took the lead in facilitating an X-Space Conversation with the theme “Emerging Technologies for Emerging Political Leaders: Maximizing Digital Opportunities for Transformational Leadership.” This insightful conversation was skillfully guided by our fellows: Henry Ajikere, Ruth Sunday Ki, Nonso Ndumanya, Jude Oseh, and Frank Sapele. By the conclusion of these sessions, participants not only gained a deeper understanding of leveraging digital advancements for transformative leadership but also offered significant recommendations.

Throughout the month, our fellows initiated the submission of their Civic Engagement Activity reports, showcasing their successful implementation in their respective communities. These reports were subsequently featured on the fellowship blog at https://eplf.thebridgeleadership.org/blog/. In parallel, our fellows embarked on crafting their Capstone Project Policy Documents, a platform for disseminating crucial insights garnered from the fellowship, involving their communities in civic-oriented initiatives, and outlining their aspirations to seek political office in Nigeria. We are proud to note that every fellow has successfully executed both their Civic Engagement Activity and Capstone Projects.

Furthermore, our fellows have demonstrated exceptional initiative, with approximately three of them contributing articles to the EPLF blog, which come highly recommended for your perusal. You can find these thought-provoking pieces by visiting https://eplf.thebridgeleadership.org/blog/. Additionally, we have published the Civic Engagement Activity reports of our fellows. To delve into the details of their impactful activities, kindly follow this link.

We eagerly anticipate the final phase of the fellowship, which will unite all 25 fellows hailing from diverse regions of Nigeria for a residential Bootcamp in Abuja from November 27th to 30th, 2023. During this immersive experience, the fellows will have the privilege of visiting significant institutions, agencies, and organizations, offering them invaluable practical insights in areas like Governance and Political Leadership capacity development through high-level sessions and workshops. This Bootcamp also serves as an excellent platform for fostering connections and camaraderie among the fellows.

As always, we are deeply impressed by the incredible value this fellowship has offered our fellows over the past four months. We hold high hopes that the insights, skills, and knowledge they have acquired will play a pivotal role in their political journeys.

Follow the Fellowship on all our social media platforms to stay updated on all the fellowship activities on Facebook: @EPLFellowship, Twitter: @EPLFellowship, Instagram: @EPLFellowship LinkedIn: Emerging Political Leaders Fellowship (EPLF). For more information on the fellowship kindly visit https://eplf.thebridgeleadership.org.


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