Empowered by a Scholarship: Emmanuel Ukam’s Transformation into a Visionary Leader

In 2015, we had the pleasure of making our initial connection with Emmanuel Ukam during an essay competition held under the prestigious Leadership and Community Development Programme organized by The Bridge Leadership Foundation. His essay on “My Life In A Democratic Nigeria” left us astounded, and captivated by its brilliance. As we continued to engage with Emmanuel through the LCD Programme, it became increasingly evident that he possessed an unwavering passion for leadership and governance. He took charge as a team lead in various activities and eventually emerged as a Prefect at the Public Secondary School in Biase LGA. This fervor for leadership carried forward into his higher education at the University of Cross River State Calabar (Unicross).

Emmanuel’s dedication and unwavering commitment led to his nomination for the esteemed role of National President of the National Society of Biochemistry Students (NSBS), despite initially vying for the position of zonal president. His opponent, who was campaigning for the National President role, hailed from the University of Calabar but was later reassigned to the position of zonal president after both candidates submitted their manifestos. Emmanuel was deemed the superior candidate for the National President position. In support of his candidacy, the South-South Zone pooled resources to finance his application for the NSBS National President role. The NSBS National 51st convention took place at the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), and centered around the theme of “Biochemistry Challenges, Opportunities, and Way Forward.”

When asked about his experience, Emmanuel shared, “That same night, I launched my campaign before we were summoned for a National consultation/manifesto. I demonstrated great eloquence and confidence in my words. The elections were conducted through delegates due to a large number of students, with a total of eleven chapters, each producing five delegates.” Ultimately, Emmanuel secured a remarkable 32 votes, while his opponent received 21 votes, resulting in a total of 55 votes cast, with 2 deemed invalid. Thus, he was declared the victorious candidate.

Emmanuel continues to lead teams in diverse research and project endeavors. Presently, he serves as the group leader of a team involved in the development of an incubator using motor tires as part of his Entrepreneurship studies within his department.

When discussing his drive and passion, Emmanuel emphasized that it all traces back to 2015 when he was awarded a scholarship by the Foundation. This scholarship played a pivotal role in enabling him to prioritize his academic pursuits and alleviate the burden of fee payments, which had often posed a significant challenge. He further highlighted that the scholarship instilled in him a heightened sense of self-worth and underscored the importance of his future. Inspired by the Foundation’s Founder, he made a firm resolve to lead an exemplary life as a future leader.

The Bridge Leadership Foundation is a non-profit leadership and capacity development Foundation established in 2011 committed to raising generations of transformational leaders.

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