“Green Circle Conversation” – EPLF Fellows Begin their Civic Engagement Activity Online

As part of the fellow’s civic engagement activity during the fellowship, they started a Green Circle Conversation which seeks to deliberate on key critical issues in Nigerian politics and make recommendations on possible solutions. The first conversation was in August which took place on Twitter Space with fellows such as Freedom Bassey and Olusegun Marvellous as panellists and Nafisa Atiku Adejuwon served as the moderator. The Twitter Space topic of discussion was “Leveraging the Power of Social Media: Moving from Tweets to Polls” which sort to explore the role of social media in contemporary elections. Leveraging social media for enthroning quality leadership.  At the end of the session participants’ reactions reflected insights drawn from the sessions with particular reference to the role of the citizen in elections.

In September’s Green Circle Conversations with the fellows, they organized an IG Live conversation on the topic; “Is Strength in Diversity A Curse For Nigeria: Moving From Indigenization to Citizenship” which was moderated by Tukura John Daniel, with panellists such as Nathaniel Ovabor, Zakariyya Haruna, Ngozi Nwafor, Elvis Boniface. This session was enlightening and insightful as participants were exposed to new knowledge shared by our fellows.

You can watch the replay of their conversation here

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