In April, our Leadership Advocacy Programme (LAP) Radio Talk Show delved into the vital intersections of “Health, Wealth, and Societal Well-Being.”

The show featured insightful discussions and practical insights on how these aspects intertwine to shape our communities.

Our featured guests for the month were:

  • Grace Ibor: Public Health Specialist
  • Dr. Joseph Iwuchukwu: Dentist/Life Coach
  • Dr. Verval Egbe: Founder of iMedic/Let’s Discuss Organisation

During the show, our guests emphasised that good health is both a collective and individual responsibility. They highlighted the importance of dedication from individuals, stating that good health is not limited to healthcare centres, although having well-equipped healthcare centres is a great advantage.

The show, which was aired on Hit 95.9 FM, offered valuable knowledge and engaging conversations with our esteemed guests. It was a great opportunity to broaden understanding and contribute to building healthier and wealthier communities together.Catch up on the livestream via https://www.instagram.com/reel/C5gOrNjoAzv/?igsh=OGpvazlzZXM0M2kx

The Bridge Leadership Foundation is a non-profit leadership and capacity development Foundation established in 2011 committed to raising generations of transformational leaders.

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