With great enthusiasm, more than 200 young and eager mentees have embarked on an enriching journey of learning and engagement during their summer break. This experience has proven to be profoundly transformative, providing them with an invaluable opportunity that they hold dear. For many, this program stands out as a highlight, even surpassing other activities and responsibilities. Notably, some mentees displayed remarkable initiative by directly reaching out to our Foundation Care line when facing hesitations from their parents about attending sessions.

Our dedicated mentors have gone above and beyond to ensure the success of this program. Employing a range of innovative teaching approaches, including storytelling, short videos, role-playing, group activities, and simulations, they have crafted an engaging learning environment. Special activities such as the “machine game” have been seamlessly integrated, fostering creativity, concentration, and collaborative spirit among the mentees. The curriculum has been thoughtfully designed around crucial themes including Communication, Self-Identity, Goal Setting, Overcoming Challenges, and the Significance of Positive Friendships.

In addition to mentor support, our committed staff members have played pivotal roles in inspiring both mentors and mentees alike. Programmes Officer Martha Wilfred, Content Creator Victoria Archibong, and Programme Intern Kedei Nelson have all actively facilitated sessions and provided mentor guidance when required.

Grace Obi, one of our mentors, eloquently encapsulates her experience with the Leadership and Community Development Mentoring Program: “Today’s experience epitomized my belief that the LCD-MP functions as a complex network of mentoring activities transpiring simultaneously at various levels. As a mentor, my connection with the foundation provides me an uninterrupted flow of resources and inspiration… Through my interactions with the children, I gain from reverse mentoring, enhancing skills such as public speaking, empathy, and interpersonal communication.”

The profound impact of the programme on mentees is undeniable. They are becoming more attuned to their surroundings, demonstrating heightened commitment to their studies, and exhibiting an earnest desire to emerge as positive change agents within their communities. These attributes mirror the development of transformative leadership qualities.

Beyond the core curriculum, mentees have engaged in diverse enriching activities including class quizzes, national essay competitions, public speaking exercises, the art of spoken word, and academic tutorial support. These experiences extend their learning beyond conventional boundaries, nurturing holistic growth.

As we reflect on the strides achieved thus far, we are confident that our program objectives are being met with resounding success. We are nurturing a generation of young leaders who are not only equipped but also empowered to make substantial impacts, not only within Africa but on a global scale.


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