Nigeria Media Innovation Program NAMIP Sustainable Challenge 2023 For Nigerian Media

Nigeria Media Innovation Program (NAMIP) is a 3-year initiative working to increase capacity, generate sustainable and diverse revenue streams, and build audiences of independent media in Nigeria, particularly those reaching underserved communities. Launched in February 2022, it seeks to support the editorial independence of media organizations by strengthening their financial sustainability.

In Nigeria, as in much of the developing world, independent media are struggling with unsustainable business models and grant dependency, while audiences lack a diversity of reliable news and information sources. Without the capacity and financial means to experiment and innovate with business models and new products, many media are unable to develop new revenue streams and build audiences that are vital for their future. Covid-19 accelerated the crisis and compounded the challenges facing the media.

Funded by MacArthur Foundation, NAMIP seeks to address these challenges by helping media to increase revenues, test new business models and instill financial discipline. It will also help participating media to build a robust community of partnership and collaboration.


February 28, 2023 – Midnight

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