Our Volunteers Speak! #IVD2018

As we mark the 2018 International Volunteers Day, we appreciate volunteers worldwide and especially TBLF Volunteers who continue to lend of their invaluable time and resources to ensure that we build #resilentcommunities and make our world a better place.

We are equally glad that the volunteering experience is impacting their lives as well. Read from them:

“Volunteering withThe Bridge Leadership Foundation, I see the world with so many leaders, and I see Nigeria leading the world in the nearest future. I want a society filled with leaders, people who are willing to put things in other, make all wrongs, right and not people who wait for others to do it for them. A country filled with people who can put things in place properly. Most definitely the world would be a better place with such people placed everywhere.” UNYIME USEN 


“I am a content and creative writer. My volunteering experience has been combination of fun and impact. Since April 2018 when I joined The Bridge Leadership Foundation to volunteer for The 8th Career Day, there has been a drastic change in my life: I’ve been able to connect with people of great minds including other volunteers. Also, the travel experience was fun and insightful. My volunteering experience has made me acquire good leadership skills that would change the world”. I desire to see world were the mindset of young people is driven towards positive impact, a world were the qualification for political office is true leadership skill.  – REGINA IDOR


As a volunteer TBLF has made me know that I am one of my kind and can never be replace and that nothing can be compared to that. I will keep saying this “if it is not TBLF I wouldn’t have found my purpose in life” and I pray and wish to learn and to serve more as a volunteer for TBLF.  – MIRACLE IKANGBO  


Volunteering forTBLF brought out the real identity in me, made me see reasons why I should be a solution to problems, I have learnt to add value to myself and that has changed a lot in me.IGBE EMMANUEL KING 


Working as TBLF volunteer has widened my door of opportunities as it created chances for me to meet and interact with other individuals of different social strata that have been on the field before me and even allowed me to benefit from their various capacities. Amazingly, we as humans were created to be a volunteer in life in one function or the other as we survive by contributing our quota to the common store without a mindset of getting a wage, thereby benefiting from the contributions of others. This is the communitarian kind of living that nature demands. This is the kind of world I expect every human to key into in the bid to achieve greater success at the end of the day.  – Elijah Aniah


It has been a great pleasure for me to contribute to the development of my community through volunteering at TBLF because the impact has been visible. I first volunteered with TBLF during the career day which expanded my horizon beyond social care, education and youth development. The best way to discover who you are in order to integrate yourself in the society is to volunteer,I decided to leave my comfort zone and volunteer, feeding my passion through volunteering and improving my skills. volunteering generally has connected me with people,expanded my network and enable me form new friendship. I want to see a world were people are treated equally regardless of gender, race, culture. – ELIZABETH IDOR

The Bridge Leadership Foundation is a non-profit leadership and capacity development Foundation established in 2011 committed to raising generations of transformational leaders.

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