To ensure that the systems and institutions teenagers and young people engage with the most, like universities, secondary and primary schools, shapes and builds them to become proactive and creative and engaged citizens, the Teacher Support Programme was designed. TSP will build teachers capacity to support students’ performance and progress towards academic excellence and social development.

Teacher Support Programme (TSP) initiated in 2017, is aimed at equipping teachers with relevant social support skills, problem solving skills, character-based skills, people development skills, community development skills and other relevant academic skills for the purpose of achieving personal growth, promote excellence and adequately support students’ academic, character and leadership development in school.

Designed for teachers from public secondary schools, Education Secretaries, and school based management committees, it trained 160 public school teachers from 5 LGAs – Akpabuyo, Bekwara, Boki, Odukpani and Ogoja in 2017. In 2018, 190 teachers including principals, vice principals, teachers, and staff of the Local Government Education Authority from 87 schools in 5 LGAs in Cross River State – Abi, Etung, Obanliku, Obudu and Yala – were trained. Ultimately, the training built teacher’s capacity on how to be a life mentor to the students they teach. It further trained teachers on how to be a great and outstanding teacher that will leave a memorably great experience with each student, how to develop the best teacher-student relationship, teacher-teacher relationship and teacher-supervisor relationship, how to create exceptional learning experiences, the best attitude to adopt for increased performance and productivity, how to go the extra mile to be the hero the students expect to see in the teacher, and how to raise leaders from students who also excel in exams.

The training was facilitated by Mr. Rotimi Eyitayo, CEO, Team masters global. He is a life coach, an experienced counselor and expert with many years of experience engaging and building the capacity of school owners, school heads, teachers and other stakeholders in Nigeria’s educational sector.

At the end, participants made personal commitments to apply the learnings from the training to ensure they become great and outstanding teachers who will leave memorably great experience in the minds of their students. Over 85% of the teachers requested for the training to be conducted on a periodic basis. We welcome sponsorships, partnerships and collaborations with education agencies to scale up and extend the Teachers Support Programme to many schools across Nigeria.

Read the testimonials from the teachers below:

  • The training has really taught me about how to work with students and not to undermine any of them. – Obi, Takiny Neji- GSS Effraya
  • The training has helped me to know what I did not know in the teaching line which is of benefit to both the teachers and the learners. – Achima Awu Assam, GSS Effraya.
  • The leadership Training was very educating and I am glad to be part of this training, after this training I will be moving away from instructional teaching method to role modelling which will effectively carry my students along. – Agbor Thelma Maga, GSS Effraya
  • I have learned to correct the students with love. The knowledge I have acquired in this training I will impact it to my learners. – Ndifon Mabala, GSS Effraya
  • I learnt that you must express joy while imparting knowledge to the students, nurture the students and show love to the students. – Anakard David, Obanliku Community Sec School
  • The training actually helped me to identify ways to interact with students through effective communication and mood studying. – Unung Mark E GSS Shikpeche Bishiri North.
  • To be polite, approachable, kind. I will above all be ready to listen and be patient. I have also learnt to be tolerable. – Unyi John Otie Yala Secondary Comm School Okpoma, Yala
  • My interaction with the students henceforth will be positive and result oriented. –Ukpata Emmanuel GSS Okpoma, Yala

The Bridge Leadership Foundation is a non-profit leadership and capacity development Foundation established in 2011 committed to raising generations of transformational leaders.

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