The Boma of Africa Creative Arts Challenge for Africans (Grand prize of $50,000)

The Boma of Africa festival is a series of insightful convenings to drive the African integration agenda through a strategic high-level engagement between the continental governance institutions, represented by the AU Commission, and the African private sector, represented by its strategic partner AfroChampions.

Deadline: Unspecified

The African story is the story of the mother continent’s creative struggle against great odds to unite and thrive. As COVID-19 rages on,

the voices of Africa’s creatives, as we commemorate Integration Day, are even more critical.

This challenge invites artists and creatives from across Africa to submit their daily artistic work across the categories of poem, short story, animation/game, culinary art (recipe or short video guide), cartoons, short video, short audio, visual art, fashion, and craft)

Prize For The Boma of Africa Creative Arts Challenge for Africans
Grand prize of $50,000 as well as other complementary prizes.


Entrants are to submit daily artistic work exploring these themes – African Unity is About Difference, African Science is Universal Science, Africa’s Future is in its Past and Globalization is Africa’s Friend.


Visit Official Website HERE for application and further information

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