The Bridge Leadership Club

Mentees who were part of the programme in the previous years (2019 – 2021) have been able to establish and commence the implementation of Leadership initiatives as proposed in the previous year.

One of such initiative is that of the Leadership Club at West African People’s Institute (WAPI), which currently has an existing membership of over thirty students including the 4 best Mentees in the 2021 programme cycle. These Mentees embarked on an outreach at Government Primary School, Ediba on the 21st of March, 2022 – a lecture-free day in their school, intending to address issues around hygiene, truancy, and the lack of self-leadership. The overall outcome of the activity include the fact that the children better understood that self-leadership simply meant pushing themselves to do the right thing all the time; the pupils were able to assess themselves in the course of the session on hygiene and were seen making moves to adjust their appearances; the children were able to engage the Mentees with questions about life in general and also give some positive feedback. It was observed that the children practiced some of the things they were taught while the Team was leaving the school. The Head Teacher related that she was deeply impressed with how the Mentees handled the pupils and coordinated themselves. Also, The Head Teacher requested that such mentoring initiative should not be one-off in the school rather it should be fully implemented at the Primary School level especially because it will help to sharpen the minds of the pupils, early.

The Bridge Leadership club in two other schools, Government Secondary School, Nyanghasang and Uwanse also launched their activities beginning with the enrolment of students from JSS 1 to SSS 3, the orientation of members on the objectives of the club, and then, the election of 12 to 15 member executives who will serve as leaders of the club. The clubs also announced past beneficiaries of the TMP as Club Ambassadors, in a bid to inspire other members to strive for growth and to encourage active participation during club activities.

The Bridge Leadership Foundation is a non-profit leadership and capacity development Foundation established in 2011 committed to raising generations of transformational leaders.

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