The month of August started on a learning note for our fellows who are constantly gaining immense value from the critical knowledge derived from all the various modules. This month we completed the module on Election Management.

These sessions opened new horizons for our fellows, unquestionably adding significant value. To kick start the virtual training sessions, we commenced the first week with two sessions, “Pre-Election and Election D-Day & Immediate Post-Election,” led by Barr. Matthew Ugwuocha and Pastor Francis Adebayo. Throughout the month, we delved into sub-modules like “Winning with Humility” by Sen. Mohammed Sanusi Daggash and a Virtual Fireside Chat titled “2023 General Elections: Lapses, Lessons, and the Path Forward.”


Feedback Highlights from Fellows what are some of the biggest misconceptions about pre election activities and how has this session cleared those misconceptions

“One of the biggest misconception is candidates must run in a popular political party, from the informations today, the facilitator was able to demystify that sighting examples of different candidates who won their elections based on their personal strength and influence and not because of the party.”- Jude Oseh

“Some common misconceptions about pre-election activities include thinking that polls ALWAYS accurately predict the outcome, believing that social media SOLELY determines election results, and assuming that campaign spending GUARANTEES victory. It’s important to recognize that many factors influence elections, and outcomes can be more complex than these simplistic notions suggest, this is what this session has made me understand.”- Faith Chiazor

To wrap up the module, we hosted a fireside chat titled “Lessons from those who Dared” with panelists including Dr. Otive Igbuzor and Mrs. Adeola Azeez. Miss Bella Ndubuisi moderated this session, skillfully guiding the panelists as they shared their extensive knowledge and responded to the fellows’ questions. This offered our fellows a firsthand opportunity to learn from real-world experiences and refine their campaign strategies. Furthermore, we assigned fellows an engaging task: crafting persuasive Campaign Videos, envisioning their hypothetical campaigns for various positions like the Presidency, Governorship, and Senate. They even came up with creative party names to add a unique touch to their projects.

Feedback Highlights from Fellows when asked how the knowledge garnered from the session on Election D-Day & Immediate Post Elections guide them in your political journey

“I gained deeper insight into the meaning of certain steps in the election process and on election petitions today through the questions and answers session. It will guide me to know the necessary steps involved in electioneering process and the roles of inec plus the fundamental rules of engagement.”- Faith Chiazor

“This session has helped to reshape my mindset to generate and sustain momentum irrespective of these misconceptions or external factors. I have also learnt about the possible ways to conduct an audience analysis & media mapping, in order to devise a comprehensive strategy.”- Favour Egwu

As part of the alumni post-program engagement activities, they started a series of conversations across social platforms, they initiated a series of conversations on social media platforms, focusing on politics and governance. The inaugural discussion took place in August on Twitter Space. It featured a Keynote Address by Adesina Adele, with panelists Nathaniel Ovabor and Grace Ibor, and Joseph Effiong as the moderator. The topic was “State of the Polity: Matters Arising,” aiming to address critical political issues, uphold democratic principles, promote transparency, and combat increasing polarization. After the session, participant reactions highlighted insights gained, especially regarding the roles of citizens and institutions in ensuring free and fair elections.

Last month provided our fellows with an excellent learning experience, immersing them deeply in diverse aspects of politics and crucial areas essential for their emergence as credible political leaders.

This month starts with a new module on “Sustainable Politics,” offering our fellows another significant learning opportunity. 

We are optimistic about what this month holds for each of our fellows who will be exposed to more context necessary to facilitate their emergence as political leaders.

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