The Teachers Support Programme aims to equip teachers with critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and psychosocial skills to establish better connections with students and facilitate the desired transformation. During the one-week training period, participants engaged in value-driven content tailored to address identified gaps. Led by Mr Rotimi Eyitayo, an experienced education professional and development strategist, the sessions explored teacher resourcefulness, defining moments, and the stages of competence, emphasizing the importance of readiness and preparation. The programme successfully trained educators from 74 out of the 84 schools in the target communities, fostering an environment that inspires and empowers students.

In total, 242 teachers and principals participated, representing various Local Government Areas including Yala, Bekwara, Ogoja, Calabar Municipality, and Calabar South. The programme garnered positive feedback from participants, who expressed excitement and shared their fantastic experiences through interviews and evaluations. The success of the programme can be attributed to its ability to alleviate burnout, assess personal and professional capacities, and provide a framework for creating transformative experiences for students.

The Bridge Leadership Foundation is a non-profit leadership and capacity development Foundation established in 2011 committed to raising generations of transformational leaders.

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