Update: 2020 Transformational Mentoring Programme

The Transformational Mentoring Programme has the primary objective of educating early, reinforcing continually and nurturing potential outcomes for growth among adolescents using a blend of wholesome development from a career, social and life skills perspective. The programme usually engages young practitioners as mentors who through a standard curriculum help the teenagers find answers to life questions they seek.

This year, the programme was designed to run in 10 secondary schools in Calabar:

  1. Estate Secondary School
  2. Government Secondary School Mayne Avenue
  3. Government Secondary School Nyangasang
  4. Government Secondary School Akai Efa
  5. Government Secondary School Akim
  6. Government Secondary School Anantigha
  7. Government Secondary School Barrack Road
  8. Magaret Ekpo Secondary School
  9. NYSC Demonstration Secondary School
  10. Government Secondary School, Atu

Due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, only four of the shortlisted schools were on-boarded for the summer session which allowed Mentees under the supervision of their Mentors to be mobilized from a safe central location to our training facility.

However, the programme Mentors took their respective Mentees on a one-on-one pre-intervention assessment session to the identification of individual psychosocial and academic gaps as well as their respective expectations from the programme. The four groups hold weekly Mentoring sessions at least twice every week with content focused on the TMP Curriculum for Mentor and also, a designed Workbook was issued to Mentees to aid feedback tracking on lessons learnt from each Module.

• Structures Module session
• Community service (out-door activity)
• Mentors/Mentees Hang-out (out-door activity)
• Final Evaluation/Close-out

The Bridge Leadership Foundation is a non-profit leadership and capacity development Foundation established in 2011 committed to raising generations of transformational leaders.

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