Volunteer’s Day – Kebe Ikpi

Kebe Ikpi is a child’s right and youth development advocate. Throughout his teenage years, he worked on various programmes aimed at assisting other teens to deal issues of identity and juvenile delinquency. Notably, he was the host of a TV programme on Cross River Broadcasting Television, (CRBC TV) called Teens & Teens (2000-2005). This programme aired for about five (5) years, during which he had a platform to educate the public on issues affecting teenagers and how these may be addressed.

Kebe has always had a strong desire to be part of a society where everyone is afforded equal opportunities and chances to attain their potential. This interest informed his decision to study Theatre Arts as a means of communicating these ideals. He was awarded best play director student at the end of the B.A degree course. Since completing, he pursued his passion for human rights, social justice and children’s right by working with Basic Rights Counsel Initiative (BRCI), a non-governmental organization as Programmes Manager . He is BRCI’s representative on a UNICEF Technical Working Group (TWG) on Child Protection Case Management in Cross River State. He is also a member of the Sub-Sector Technical Working Community of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on Eradicating Gender Based Violence. He contributed to the development f the UNICEF supported Case Management Framework and Child Protection Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Cross River State. Since January 2018, he has worked as Research Assistant on a University of Nottingham funded research project on sexual abuse/exploitation and sexual health inequality in Cross River State.

Kebe is a former United Nations Volunteer (UNV). His passion for volunteering has seen him volunteer for The Bridge Leadership Foundation (TBLF) for about three years. Within that period, he has attended the prestigious Graduate Employability Training (GET 5) of TBLF where he was elected Governor. He has contributed to the development of Cross River through TBLF’s Leadership and Community Dvelopment (LCD) Programme since 2015. He has led volunteers to plan and organize TBLF’s Annual Career Day programme since 2015.

Kebe loves to play chess, read and travel.

The Bridge Leadership Foundation is a non-profit leadership and capacity development Foundation established in 2011 committed to raising generations of transformational leaders.

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