YOUTH OF THE WEEK: Abayomi Rotimi Mighty

 Ijebu Ode local Government with Strong family ties in Idepo Agbole Kegbetu (Ward 8), Ipamuren/Ijada Amoda Gbede (Ward 5) and Isoku Etimoro Agbanlepaanu (Ward 1).
Abayomi Rotimi Mighty is a Development Expert, Policy Analyst, Perception Management Expert, Author, Content Writer, Political Strategist and one of the most prolific Public Speakers in Africa. He has gathered over 22 years experience in Development work with strong expertise in Community Services, Youth Development, Public Speaking and Grassroots Revitalisation.
He was the United Nations (UN) African Youth Spokesperson at the African Leaders Summit on HIV/AIDS held in Abuja Nigeria, April 2001, where he addressed world leaders on the need to work with young people. Abayomi Mighty made a strong case for young people of Africa when he called on the world and African leaders to involve young people in the decision-making process which earned him the name ‘Father of Youth/Adult Partnership in Africa’. It is important to know that his speech started the ‘Youth Involvement Revolution’ of the 21st Century in Africa as it was one of the speeches that had so much impact on the famous ‘Abuja Declaration’ document.
At the Summit, he met one on one with the former US President Bill Clinton, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and several other African Leaders both past and present.
He has since spoken in various fora both at local, international and global level pushing forward the cause of young people and development in Africa.
Abayomi Mighty believes in women much more than they believe in themselves. He has helped to build the capacity of women through his teachings over the years. He will say in his words
“Empower a boy and he will empower his family, empower a girl and she will empower a generation”
                                                                                        *ARMA 2003*
As a Development Expert, Abayomi Mighty has helped to establish several NGOs, Community Based Organisations and Faith-Based Organisations across Nigeria. He has worked at the highest level of engagements either as a member of the board of organizations or as Executive Director. His penchant for creativity has distinguished him as one of the best NGO Leaders in modern Africa. His impact on the NGO world has furthered the cause of development in Nigeria and Africa. He has traversed the length and breadth of this country visiting all the states of Nigeria more than once with some states hosting him more than ten times in the last 16 years.
As a Political Strategist, he has worked at the most powerful levels of planning and implementation either as a Member of Strategy Development Team or as a Chief Political Strategist. He is known for bringing Human Development into his political strategy for his clients (big politicians) encouraging them to run people based campaign that will empower people the right way and not distribute motorcycles.
So far in his political consulting, he has a 100% record as all the targets set by him was achieved as planned by him. He is a winner by all standards, respected by all and sundry in the political space.
His weapon of victory as against propaganda is what many politicians will shy away from…..the truth, facts, creativity and reaching out to people directly.
As a modern-day African Philosopher, Abayomi Mighty propounded this analysis of who should be a political Leader: THE 3Cs.
1. Competence: Ability to create or attract solution. (Problems Solving).
     a. Intellectual Altruism
     b. Optimal Productivity
     c. Ardent Creativity
2. Character: Achieving results without compromising standards and the principle of equity, fairness and justice.
      a. Sound Judgment
      b. Richly principled.
      c. Not nepotistic
3. Compassion: Simply being humane in all doing. Considering the people first before anything.
An ardent reader himself who has read over 9000 books, Abayomi is a nuclear writer with richness in his writings. A true African with a vast knowledge of the history of Africa as a whole, he has inspired millions of people with his writing prowess.
He has authored over 3000 articles online on several development issues and has published a book titled ‘THINGS for TEENS’. A book that is widely accepted nationwide as an authoritative book on Personal Development for teenagers.
Abayomi Mighty is simply a blessing to our generation owing to his giftedness and super intelligence. He has been a PRODIGY from childhood with many miraculous intellectual exploits to his credits.
He is known to have started Public Speaking at 11 years old in 1996 with a lot of exploits as a child in the Ijebu Community. He was a fast-rising comedian before settling for Speaking on Development works and inspiring people.
 “I have known Abayomi Mighty since 1997 when he was just a teenager, I was there the day he was named ‘Mighty’ in October 1997, he was a gifted child and I still wonder up till today, he is still fighting for what he was fighting for then with the same level of energy and with higher commitment and mental power… that is rare, many people have left the struggle but Abayomi is intact… that is very RARE!!!”
                *Comments at his book Launch by his trainer*
Abayomi Rotimi Mighty has built a generation with the power of his speech and deep knowledge of Personal Development, community development and good governance. He has helped thousands of people in his community find purpose and direction for their lives and has inspired millions across the globe with his deep teachings.
He is ranked amongst the best of the best Public Speakers from Africa. He speaks for free and as well distributes his books to young people for free.
His generosity is contagious and his large heartedness is inspiring.
A die-hard grassrooter and a nonconforming optimist about Nigeria, Abayomi Mighty is a respected modern philosopher whose teachings and thoughts are being used nationwide by several leaders of thoughts in modern Nigeria and Africa.
Abayomi Mighty singlehandedly through his public speaking has discovered and trained agents of positive change in his community and its environs.
Today, he is referred to as the ‘Father of Youth Development’ in Ogun State because of his landmark achievements in terms of raising leaders. He has also inspired millions across the globe with more impacts in Nigeria.
Abayomi Mighty has won numerous awards in his works as a development expert. In 2012, he was inducted into the Globally recognized *Crans Montana New Leader for Tomorrow Fellowship*. A platform that brings emerging global leaders together. He was decorated in Eastern Europe Azerbaijan on the 30th of June, 2012.
In 2012, he established NovoHub Ltd, a company dedicated to providing business support services and leadership training for wannabe business leaders. NovoHub also published the first, second and third issue of the book ‘THINGS for TEENS’, a book he has used to affect millions of lives. NovoHub has many thriving businesses to her credit nationwide from manufacturing, agricultural and service-based businesses.
The founding Vice President of NovoHub Oludare Akinlaja who was inspired and greatly influenced by Abayomi Mighty has founded Nigeria’s first ever online University of Alternative Academics ‘YADAVERSITY’, causing a positive stir in the Education sector bringing innovation to revamp the whole process.
Abayomi Mighty is also the CEO of ARMA Talk Ideas & Strategy. A company that manages all his business dealings and that of NovoHub.
 “As a young man in the mid-90s, we don’t allow children to stay with us but there was an exception, ‘Abayomi’. We do allow him to gist with us which he did so well. The normal talks of Abayomi is a purely distilled thought coming from an organized thought process that up till now I don’t understand where it is coming from and how they work on his mind as he releases them through his mouth. Watching him talk now that I am in my 50s gives me good feeling whenever I remember him as a little child. He was a PRODIGY neglected by our system, he could have shaken the world. To discard his talks no matter how casual is to be dead to real reality and common sense, that boy is a blessed child*”
         *Comments from his Book Launch in 2016*
As a Public Speaker, he is vast and teaches mystics, Eschatology, Nation Building Dynamics (New Knowledge), Purpose Discovery, Vision Dynamics, Policy Development, Personal Development, Politics, Business Development and Expansion, Public Speaking, Christian Teachings, and Governance.
By the side, Abayomi Mighty is a gifted songwriter, rap Instructor, creative music producer, music director, poet and does rap to relax. He believes that one day, he will be in a position to put a policy in place that will harness Nigerian Entertainment Potentials towards a heavy GDP turn around.
He is happily married with children and he believes in the African concept of marriage. You can reach Abayomi on his social media handles below:
Twitter: @abayomimighty
Instagram: @abayomimighty
Facebook: Abayomi Rotimi Mighty


Rotimi has been a source of inspiration to youths in Nigeria and we at TBLF celebrate him for his great work and we wish him success in his future endeavours.


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