Agusi Tobby Nazaar, fondly referred to as Gusi Tobby Lordwlliams, is a purpose driven young lady and founder of one of Africa’s fastest growing female volunteering network “Girlhub Africa”. Toby is also a talk show host, and a professional makeup artist. The young serial entrepreneur who is very passionate about creating more opportunities for African women and dedicated to her humanitarian service believe women are a treasure trove of possibilities.

Agusi was so much influenced by her childhood. Her mother made her love volunteering by taking her from one artisan to the other to help out. She also helped out in events in church. This ritual her mother made her and her 3 other female siblings do every holiday till she saw volunteering as a part of her. Her mother made the children volunteer so they could create a niche out of everything they had learnt and find purpose.

Agusi is a  strong Nigerian lady whose volunteering started at a tender age. She sees volunteering as an opportunity for girls to find purpose when they engage themselves in different opportunities. This was why she founded Girl Hub Africa. An initiative that encourages volunteering.

She looks forward to a Nigeria where people would not be self-centered but people-centered. She believes schools and society do not necessarily provide a curriculum or structure for people to give their time to support a cause or movement without monetary gains. She is of the belief that the society today is only concerned on financial gains and celebrity status. This vanity is what Agusi is trying to solve with her initiative.

She believes youths can solve the problem of unemployment and idleness if only they can be selfless and engage in opportunities out there in the society. With that, they can get employment in the long run.

Agusi hopes to see volunteering become a lifestyle for young girls and she works tirelessly with other partners to make sure this becomes a reality.

We at The Bridge Leadership Foundation wish her the very best in her work and her quest in making the society a better place.

The Bridge Leadership Foundation is a non-profit leadership and capacity development Foundation established in 2011 committed to raising generations of transformational leaders.

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